Eric Shambroom Photography - Industriefotograf in Hamburg

You’d like to know a few things about me?

An American in Hamburg

I've been living and working in Hamburg, Germany since 1990. I was born and grew up in the USA, where I entered professional photography after studying art.

A good picture needs more than a good eye and a good camera. It needs the photographer's unconditional interest in the subject. I strive to understand what makes your company, your products or services special. That way I can perfectly capture and express all this in photographs and video images.

I am absolutely fascinated by industry!

That's why I ask lots of questions before and during an assignment, always learning useful and relevant details. Did you know, for example, that a bottling facility can fill up to 60 thousand bottles per hour? That a steel coil can weigh up to 30 tons and still be lifted with magnets? That a bio-bank stores tissue samples at -86ºC?

There's a great deal to experience in the world's rich business, industrial and research venues.

These visual clues help me in my photographic work to get your message out.

And when I'm not out and about for my clients, I teach future art directors at a leading art college. Teaching and explaining to others helps me stay on top of current trends, and helps me to better understand core concepts. And it's fun. I highly recommend it for any skilled professional.

Eric Shambroom
Corporate-Video at a video shoot

My specialties

- Industrial photography
- Corporate Photography
- Commercial photography
- Image advertising
- Company portraits
- Business Portraits
- Scientific Photography
- Corporate Video
- 360 degree panorama photography
- Websites

Passionate about Industrial and corporate photography and video

Industrial plants, production lines, control centers, product development, research laboratories, warehouses, company headquarters - and the people who work there - that is my world. I photograph and film across many industries, on location in company offices, in manufacturing facilities, laboratories and research facilities, often as a welcome guest at locations where clients’ products and services are in use.

Some career highlights:

- Eric Shambroom Photography Hamburg, Germany: industrial and corporate photography and video , in Germany, Europe and worldwide

- Kunstschule Wandsbek, Hamburg: Art college, Lecturer for photography and pre-press

- Institute of Design, Hamburg: Lecturer for photography and video

- Eric Shambroom Photography:, Boston, USA: Photo studio, specializing in advertising and corporate photography as well as fine art museum catalogs

- Eric Shambroom Video Productions: documentaries about artists and art-related topics for public television and museum exhibitions


- Brandeis University, Boston, USA: Bachelor of Arts

- Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, USA: Photography and Film

Eric Shambroom Photography on assignment taking pictures

Working with clients and the crew is a huge part of a successful assignment.

And I love technology, the people behind the scenes and the great images I can capture to tell the story.

Which one is me?

Eric Shambroom Photography while photographing an industrial plant

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